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Name: Rick

Age: 17

Gender: M

Appearance(Picture can be provided in its place):

Personality: He lived in the orphanage until his 17th birthday, he always used to sit in the corner, alone. The other kids used to make fun of his hair, his clothes, and they were just mean and selfish towards him. That has shaped his personality now, as Rick thinks that anyone will just be mean and selfish, just like the children at the orphanage. He doesn't speak much, but when someone tries to annoy him, he just goes crazy.

History(How did you avoid the infection, what was life like leading up to it? 6 lines minimum): His Mum and Dad had died in a car crash when Rick was young, his social workers had tried and tried to get him adopted, but he just wouldn't have it. He tried to run away several times when he was younger, but when he became a teenager, he didn't think there was a point in doing it. When the infection came, Pokerus had poisoned all of the other Pokemon in the Orphanage, and the other children loved it. They were trying it out on all of there Pokemon, but Rick thought something wasn't right. He and his companion, Pikachu, escaped to Pallet Town, were he had came from. They had then hid for several weeks, and that brings us to now.

Pokemon(2 maximum, types immune to the disease include rock-types and ghost-types. You are not required to have one of these two types, but keep the infection in mind if you don't.): Pikachu

Moves(6 Max):
Thunder Wave
Volt Tackle

Opening Post(8-10 lines minimum):

"The poison will be here soon, Pikachu," Rick whispered quietly to his companion.

Rick had narrowly managed to escape the Orphanage with his companion, Pikachu. He had then ran back to his hometown, Pallet Town, were he hid for several weeks. Both him and Pikachu knew that they couldn't stay there for much longer. Rick knew that Pikachu will soon be infected by the disease.

"We won't be able to say here for much longer, Pikachu."

Pikachu had already nearly caught the disease, in Saffron City. The remaining few knew that Saffron City was the worst city, but they had to get around it some how. Pikachu was nearly infected when Rick thought a boy from the city was trying to help them, but he was actually trying to inject the bacteria into Pikachu's body.

Rick suddenly heard a faint humming noise, and it was slowly becoming louder and louder. He poked his head out from the tree him and Pikachu had been hiding in, and it was then when he saw it. He could see the bacteria in a huge group, all clumped together.

"Pikachu, duck!" ...
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