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Quote originally posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers:
Maah. I don't know what to write xD I'm more for the goblin miner idea since I'm not sure who's with who down there really and it feels like everyone has different and somewhat confusing ideas on what the cave looks like xD
Daniel (me), Jet (Garet), Ranzatsu (SkyisUmbreon), Fester, and Rose (both Khawill), are all at a door that is follows a straight path from the entrance, though it's pretty far away. The cave does possibly have more tunnels and and detours, so it could be pretty easy to separate yourself from us. Though, from our experience, there has only been one monster, and from the looks of the door it was scripted. That's not to say that there are no trap rooms or other scripted rare monsters; heck, the door we're at now could potentially lead to a death trap, so whatever you do with the other routes is up to you.
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