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Quote originally posted by Rumille:
Hi. So, I made this levelscript:
#dynamic 0x800000
#org @start
compare 0x7006 0x1
if 0x0 goto @getpokemon
if 0x1 goto @checkgary

#org @checkgary checkflag 0x828 if 0x1 goto @garystay if 0x0 goto @end release end

#org @end release end

#org @garystay movesprite2 0x02 0x10 0x5 spritebehave 0x02 0x9 setflag 0x903 release end

#org @getpokemon applymovement 0x02 @move1 waitmovement 0x0 applymovement 0xFF @move2 waitmovement 0x0 goto @messages

#org @messages msgbox @1 0x5 compare LASTRESULT 0x0 if 0x1 goto @what compare LASTRESULT 0x1 if 0x1 goto @getpokemon2 release end

#org @what msgbox @2 0x2 goto @getpokemon2 release end

#org @getpokemon2 msgbox @3 0x2 msgbox @4 0x2 goto @test

#org @test msgbox @5 0x5 compare LASTRESULT 0x1 if 0x1 goto @wrong msgbox @6 0x5 compare LASTRESULT 0x0 if 0x1 goto @wrong msgbox @7 0x5 compare LASTRESULT 0x1 if 0x1 goto @wrong msgbox @8 0x5 compare LASTRESULT 0x0 if 0x1 goto @wrong msgbox @9 0x5 compare LASTRESULT 0x1 if 0x1 goto @wrong0 msgbox @10 0x2 setvar 0x7006 0x1 applymovement 0xFF @move3 release end

#org @wrong msgbox @wrong1 0x2 goto @test

#org @wrong0 msgbox @wrong2 0x2 goto @test

#org @move1 #raw 0x11 #raw 0x11 #raw 0x11 #raw 0x11 #raw 0x13 #raw 0x13 #raw 0x13 #raw 0x13 #raw 0x13 #raw 0x11 #raw 0x11 #raw 0x2 #raw 0xFE

#org @move2 #raw 0x11 #raw 0x11 #raw 0x11 #raw 0x11 #raw 0x11 #raw 0x11 #raw 0xFE

#org @move3 #raw 0x13 #raw 0xFE

#org @1 = Hello there! Did [rival] bring you?

#org @2 = [rival]: He is joking, Professor. I\nbrought him here.

#org @3 = OAK: Ah, that means you want to be\na Pokémon Trainer! Well, that can\lbe arranged. I have three Pokémon\lon this table. You can pick one.\lIf..... you pass my exam!

#org @4 = You see, raising a Pokémon is a\nbig responsibility. You have to\lprove to me you know enough about\lthese great creatures and what to\ldo with them. If you answer the\lfollowing five questions\lcorrectly, you will have passed\lthe exam. So, let's start!

#org @5 = OAK: First question: Your Pokémon\nis poisoned. You should use\lPROTEIN to get rid of this status\lailment. Correct?

#org @6 = OAK: Very good! ANTIDOTE is often\nused to cure a poisoned Pokémon.\lPROTEIN is used to increase the\lAttack Stat of a Pokémon. Question\lnumber two: If most of your\lPokémon fainted, you should try to\lfind a Pokémon Center. Correct?

#org @7 = OAK: Excellent! You could also use\nPOTIONs or other healing items,\lbut healing your Pokémon at a\lPokémon Center is free of charge.\lThird question: Using your Pokémon\lto attack other Pokémon Trainers\lis all fair game in a battle.\lCorrect?

#org @8 = OAK: Great work! Attacking other\nTrainers is strictly forbidden and\lin some cases extremely dangerous.\lYou're almost there! Question\lfour: Even Pokémon without wings\lcan sometimes use FLY. Correct?

#org @9 = OAK: Yeah. That's kind of messed\nup. How can a DODRIO use Fly? Does\lit transforms its three heads into\lsome sort of helicopter rotor? I\ldon't know, it's just weird.\lAnyway, the final question! In\lKanto, there is toooootally a Mew\lbehind the truck at the St. Anne's\lport. Like, totally for sure. I'm\lsuper serial.

#org @wrong1 = I am afraid you are mistaken.\nLet's start at the beginning\lagain, shall we?

#org @wrong2 = OAK: What? What is wrong with you?\nOf course there is no Mew. Idiot.\lBack to the first question with\lyou. Moron. You are worse than\lBatman.

#org @10 = OAK: You did great. You answered\nall my questions correctly. You\lare ready to go on a great\ladventure, accompanied by your\lPokémon. Go ahead, pick one!

It works perfectly at the start, I use 02 Validates Value, but when the script is supposed to finish I get this:

And I can't move or do anything. Only press 'A' and I get this message again and again and again and again and again...

What causes this? And how can I make sure I get 'set free' and move around?

This problem is very common and the way to fix it is in here:

Go to the header tab in A-Map, click Ctrl + H, copy the map script offset, paste it into XSE and decompile it with "level script" checked. If you look down from there a few lines, you should see something like this:

#raw 0xFFFF

Change it so that it shows this:

#raw 0x0

From there, click compile and test it out in-game.