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Whoa. Okay. I'll split this down a bit here.
Originally Posted by Nurse Kevin View Post
There something I just realized about editing midi files, and this is making me think right now that maybe I did everything wrong from the start. There's this guy called HyperShadicX on YouTube who remixed a song from Pokémon R/S/E to replace the trainer battle theme for Pokémon B/W. I checked the midi file he used and it has only 9 tracks in contrast to B/W's trainer battle theme which has 11 tracks. I always thought you had to add the notes from the R/S/E midi into the B/W midi (the one you extract from VGMTrans) and replace its original notes with the notes of the R/S/E midi.
No. You can have as many tracks as you wish, up to the MIDI limit of 16. I may rewrite the first part of the tutorial, though. However, filesize will be an issue, however, if you insert using Tinke, you'll be fine. Just be sure to back up your files before using Tinke because there is a rare chance it may corrupt your rom.
Also, I thought that these R/S/E notes had to be placed exactly on the B/W track that plays the intrument that you want the notes to play. I thought this because as far as I'm concerned I can't seem to change an instrument from a channel (track). For example, Channel 3 (of a random midi) plays the Harmonica but I want it to play Synth Bass 2 instead. You (Team Fail) did say something about changing the patch numbers in FL Studio, but the only 2 areas (as far as I know) that mention the patch numbers are:

1. Fruity LSD (Insert 1) box (where you open the .dls file).

2. Channel Settings box.

On the Fruity LSD box, I click on one of the channels listed in the box and it gives me an option to click on a patch number (supposedly to change the instrument). I click on it, but instead of hearing the new instrument play, it either plays a different sound instead of the game sound or it just doesn't play any sound at all. The Channel Settings box does kind of the same thing, only that sometimes it does play the instrument from a game after changing the patch number listed there. However, when I click "Stop" to halt midi's playback and clicking "Play" again, it resets all changed settings to its original settings.
That's a common issue I ran into at first, but here's what you do:

Open your Piano Roll, and near the top, you'll see a small (Small is an understatement depending on the song) dropdown list, like so:

There will be properties for each track based on the name, and if some are missing, don't worry! Select another track with the property you're trying to edit, then select your original track once again. It will then change the bottom part of the piano roll, and you can edit tracks, tempo, velocity, and whatnot. And they'll stay set to what you want them to be.
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