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October 23, 2012

There is a cruise ship in Castelia City called the Royal Unova. The last time I was here, it wasn’t ready, but now, it sets sail for a cruise every night! I wanted to see the sights, but got wrapped up in some battles against some trainers on the ship, and before I knew it, we were back in port.

I spent a little time in the Dream World with Dunsparce. It gained a level from the trip, and brought back a Druddigon that knows the move Sucker Punch.

I rotated my team, keeping Psyduck and Swablu with me, and then adding Shuckle, Elekid, Rattata, and Igglybuff. I also sent Koffing to Fennel.

October 24, 2012

I took Igglybuff for a massage in Castelia City, to hopefully make it happier and thus closer to evolving. I wanted another ride on the Royal Unova, but ended up getting there too late as it only runs in the early evening. So I went back down into the sewers, with the intent of going back to the Castelia Gardens. Instead, I ended up getting lost, but found a large hole in the wall along one of the passages that seemed to lead to some kind of tunnel. I found a few trainers and scientists there exploring the place. Apparently it’s called the Relic Passage, and actually connects to the Relic Castle in the Desert Resort just north of Castelia.

October 25, 2012

I rotated my team yet again, keeping Elekid and Igglybuff with me, and adding Riolu, Zubat, and Grimer to the team.

I earned another medal, making 37:
Battle Veteran

October 26, 2012

I spent a lot of time training in the Relic Passage, and eventually found an Onix! I was trying to catch it, but regular Poké Balls just weren’t working. I decided to follow tradition, and I tossed a Great Ball, and caught it! It was amazing to find yet another Kanto Pokémon burrowing under cities of Unova!

“Onix, the Rock Snake Pokémon. Onix burrow through the ground at a speed of 50 mph while feeding on large boulders. Opening their large mouths, they ingest massive amounts of soil and create long tunnels.”

172. Onix

I also earned one more medal, bringing the total to 38:
Pass Power ↑

November 3, 2012

It’s been a busy week, with a wedding in Washington DC last weekend and a long week of work. But now it’s time to return to Castelia City and back to some Pokémon training! I took Zubat, Sunkern, Igglybuff, Riolu, Dunsprace, and Growlithe with me. I went to the Castelia Gardens to train, and I also caught a Skitty while I was there! I know that there are Eevee here too somewhere, so I think I’m going to stick around a bit to do more training.

173. Skitty

November 4, 2012

I’m so glad we got an extra hour of sleep tonight, I needed it! And while I slept, I spent some time in the Dream World with Cinccino. Found: nothing new; Dunsparce with Stealth Rock.

I’m rotating quite a few Pokémon as I train. When I was in the Castelia Gardens, I found a wild Eevee! The first one I found got away, but then I found another in a double battle with a Rattata. My Elekid paralyzed it with its Static ability, and then I was able to catch it in a Net Ball.

174. Eevee

When I returned to the Pokémon Center, I traded in a Hint Medal for a real Medal, making 39/55:
Noneffective Artist

I went back to the Castelia Gardens, and caught another Eevee, this time with a Quick Ball.

Then I took a little nap while watching football, and went into the Dream World with my Koffing. In addition to it gaining a level, we brought back a Drilbur that can use the move Rock Climb.
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