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I have a big crush on this hot trumpet player haha. He's got a girlfriend though (but they never act like they're together or even hang out wtf) and I have a boyfriend. I'm happy with who I'm with though. BUT YOU KNOW IF SOMETHING HAPPENED HE'S NEXT IN LINE MMM

But yeah I don't think he knows, haha. I've never talked to him except like once when I asked him something, cause I figured he'd know since he's a section leader but yeah. totally caught him looking at me once okay.

y'all are all gonna think i'm a skank now ugh lol :(

Edit: OMG how did I forget!!! I had a HUGE crush on Hiidoran last year and at the time, he had not come out as gay and when he told me, it was the "I have a boyfriend now" speech which made it worse cause not only was I finding out he was gay, but he was TAKEN. TAKEN DAMMIT. I'm sorry if you're reading this and want to punch me, Bear. lol :( Love you! He's my homo and I'm his hetero so it's all okay. :3 We tend to act like a strange married couple anyway.

doesn't matter, cause you give me temptation
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