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Well, this looks awesome. Here's the complete SU. Although I haven't been in an rp recently, so I just used an old one. I hope that's okay?

Name: Timothy "Mothball" Collins
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Appearance: Timothy, or Mothball, is tall and gangly, his too-long limbs often splaying everywhere in his clumsy attempts to move without falling over himself. His caramel hair was shaggy and always looked as though Mothball had just rolled out of bed and into a storm. His gray eyes are framed by orange and black glasses and his nose is slightly crooked. His mouth seemed to be perpetually quirked upward in a preemptively apologetic smile. All of this can possibly be overlooked due to Mothball's severe acne. In short, he looks about as harmless and awkward as possible.

He likes to wear a blue sweater-vest over a light blue t-shirt, and dark gray long-shorts. A black rucksack and black joggers complete his preferred outfit. At any one time he may be covered with over four band-aids.

Personality: Mothball really is as awkward as he looks. His internal clock seems to be set half an hour later than reality, leaving him to rush everywhere to be on time. This, combined with his recent growth spurt, means that he often trips or otherwise walks into things when he isn't paying attention. His passage is often accompanied by a flurry of apologies. Possibly due to this, he has no trouble shaking off minor hurts; physical or otherwise.

Mothball is generally very energetic, prone to waving his arms around to emphasise a particular point, and subsequently smacking it into something. He can get almost absurdly happy over small things, or the happiness of acquaintances or friends. He dislikes confrontation, almost immediately capitulating in most cases. Anything that interests him can hold his attention for hours, but he often becomes distracted from things that disinterest him.

His usual reaction to an unfortunate event or tense moment is to become even more energetic. Because of this, he can seem incredibly oblivious and callous, or even dim-witted. If anybody pays him a lot of attention, they might notice that in his every action is an undercurrent of nervousness. In truth, he is just slightly afraid of himself and of negative emotions in general. Part of him makes sure that he is always running late so that he doesn't have time to think too deeply.

Although he gives the impression of being an incredibly easy victim, and he normally is, he has an as-of-yet undiscovered core of steel.

History: His mother walked out on the family when he was six, leading his father to have to work even harder and employ babysitters when he was out. When he was home, Mothball's father often spent too much time doting on his older sister, Maria, to pay much attention to him. This left him entertaining himself with his imagination, which sometimes involved fierce battles between odd, four-legged monsters. He didn't blame (or at least told himself he can't blame) his father for paying more attention to Maria. His older sister had the better grades, better friends, better tastes, better ambitions. She talked about working for LATIOS and helping people, which Mothball admired.

She'd just gone off to join the company, leaving him feeling particularly aimless, when the invitation from Professor Vayne arrived and he accepted almost instantly. Any strange dreams he had, he shook off as being a by-product of the odd imagination he'd had when he was younger.

Starter Pokemon:
Species: Larvitar
Moves: Bite, Sandstorm, AncientPower, Screech (I'm assuming there's a max of four moves?)
Pokemon Gender: Female

Representative Legendary: Cobalion

RP Sample: From Elemental Angels (Return).

‘Oh. My. God. I want those boots,’ Candy Kalster, dressed in a flowing, red garment uttered, eying a pair of boots that belonged to some cat-woman wannabe. She was dressed as one of those princesses, modifying the outfit to her tastes. Her gloves were a light red that was almost pink, and a silken collar adorned her throat, accompanied by the pendant that dangled from a golden chain.

I wish I had a body to be able to want clothes,” a voice told her sulkily in her head. The guy had started becoming sulky more and more often, countering every word that came out of her mouth with a reason why she should pity him. *Oh, be quiet, Envy, you don’t have to do any work. Why are we here, again?* She asked, glad that she had almost perfected the art of communicating with the guardian thing. She winked at a guy who had been ogling her, flashing a bright smile his way. After watching his embarrassed and awkward reaction, amused, she sashayed away, her black heels clicking on the hard surface that was the floor.

“Don’t call me Envy! Would you like it if I called you girl? And we’re here because there’s a strong likelihood that the other Angels will show up around this place. And you have no idea how lucky you are to have the wings you do. If you had one of those wings that are present at all times, then you would have trouble hiding them, and they get cramped so easily. And when they cramp, it hurts like hell. Call me Invidus,” he told her, indignantly.

*You told me Invidus meant the same as Envy, anyways. And since you are Envy, and you’re, like, the only one of you, then you should be called Envy. Besides, I can’t even remember the other name anymore.* Candy thought about her wings for a moment. On her upper back, four thick, red lines sprouted from each side of her spine, arching so that they almost looked like some kind of disjointed wing. She learnt that by manipulating an outside flame, no matter how small, she could grow large, impressive wings of fire covered in a kind of orange aura. But that was all unimportant as she saw the band playing.

She looked up at the stage appreciatively, watching the guy who was shirtless and on his knees. She admired the way his muscles rippled across his chest for a moment before somewhere in the back of her mind wondered how they got the wings to move like that. *It’s probably remote-controlled or something,* Candy answered her own question absently. *Anyways, who cares? He is cute.* She seated herself on a stool, speculating if that girl was in a serious relationship with him.

“It is not remote controlled! He’s one of the Angels, I tell you! I’m not sure which one, though. Are you even listening?” He screeched in her mind, irritated by the lack of a response.

‘Chill, Envy, I can’t march up to him right now and demand he reveal himself as an Angel,’ she answered absently, forgetting to use her mind. She was busy interpreting the looks the girl was giving the cute guy, coming to a conclusion that they may be close to a relationship or she wanted a relationship with him. And she was in much of a better position to get one than Candy was which made her blood boil with envy.


Nearby, a woman known only as Kindness watched, frowning with worry for the girl. She was rather plain; not exceptionally beautiful, nor exceptionally ugly. However, whenever she brought on one of her common, soft smiles, her face seemed to almost glow, entrancing people almost as much as her compassion for everybody. She was dressed up as an “Exorcist” from an anime show she had watched once. With a large, black coat and a metallic star-shaped thing that resembled the Exorcists’ one, she really couldn’t be mistaken for anything else. Sighing, she wished that she could show the girl who was eying somebody on the stage with an envy bordering on bitterness that it was better to give things to those less fortunate than to want things from those that were more.


“There are more Angels close by,” the pendant warned her. “I think that...’ a word echoed through both their minds, causing Candy to involuntarily turn towards a guy that was pigging out on a stack of food, and a girl with him. “Pride?

‘He’s so skinny! How can he stay that skinny and eat so much?’ She asked, instantly feeling a flare of jealousy for the guy. *Then again, I don’t really get fat myself, thanks to dancing.* She reflected before clearing a seat beside him of food and lowering herself onto it.

“Which Angels are – hey, Gluttony… I mean, Toni? And yes, that’s Pride, all right. This is Invidus,” he greeted them, giving them his “name” just to spite Candy. “I wish I could eat,” he added bitterly, sighing with regret.

‘So, what do you think of the band?’ Candy asked nonchalantly, not even reaching for any of the food piled around him. Envy was miffed, she could tell, that she hadn’t started interrogating them about being Angels yet.

“The girl’s a doll. I can’t believe I got stuck with you,” Envy sighed in frustration.

‘Personally, I think he’s cute,’ she told them dreamily, purposefully ignoring the comments Envy was making.

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