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Nika Valentine

Nika had been lost in her own thoughts, walking with very little care for where she was going, when she collided with an unusual looking girl. She seemed to be of a similair age to Nika, but with long white hair tied back in a braid and startling red eyes. She was almost caught up in how odd that was, but forced herself to take in the appearance as a whole. She seemed thin, even thinner than Nika herself and dressed in snug clothing. The pokemon riding her shoulder was one Nika had never seen before, but she could hazard a guess that it was a Poison type based on the colouring.

She opened her mouth to apologise for being careless, and was about to change it to an admonishment for arrogance when she believed the girl was going to tell her exactly the same thing. Not that she would be wrong to... but then she readily admitted her own fault. So many considerate people all in one day.

"I think I'm bread-free," she finally said, pushing her square framed glasses back up her nose. "And I do apologise. I wasn't paying very much attention. Normally Spider gives me a little jolt when I'm about to walk into something, but I don't have him out today..."

She blinked as she trailed off. Was she rambling? That wasn't like her - it wasn't like her to say more than the bare minimum. It must have been the time she spent with Lucia and Mark making her too comfortable around other people... best to start being careful again. This girl had a menacing look about her, and that pokemon on her shoulder seemed... sinister.

"I'll be happy to replace your meal, if you like. I don't want to cause any upset."

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