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This is not a remake or a ROM hack, this is made with RMXP


Pokémon Chaos is my fangame that I have been working on for almost 5 years now. It is a game made with RPG Maker XP using Maruno's Pokémon Essentials as a base, just like all others, and I hope that everyone enjoys it when I release a demo version in December. In the time I have taken developing it there have been many changes to different aspects of the game due to Aesthetics, Shabbiness, inadequacy, functionality, Ergonomics, inspiration or simply new and original ideas. These changes include graphics, scripts, storylines and even the titles of the game; from 'Emerald Legend' to 'Skyblaze' to 'Chaos'.

A demo of this game was released on the 12th of January 2014 and has been continuously updated with little fixes here and there, the next demo has no confirmation date as of current the aim is to release the second demo at the end of this year, taking into account the workload I have from college as well.
However in light of the recent problems Luka S.J has face with Pokémon Blue Chrome I, and possibly other developers, am wary of plagiarists but in the meantime here is a little playthrough footage that I'm working on to reflect the progress.

And so it is with great pleasure that I present to you all a bit of what my work has lead up to!

The Legend of Greeo:

Long ago the legendary Pokémon, Groudon and Kyogre, fiercely fought one-another for reasons unknown to mankind. Some say it was fate, some say it was corruption. But what ever the reason; these two powers forged the continents and shaped the oceans. Their battle caused Chaos everywhere, destroying the old and creating the new. But these titans weren't alone...

The Divine Pokémon, Rayquaza, descended from the heavens to bring about an end to this ugly defiance of nature and, in doing so, confiscated the powers of Groudon & Kyogre by splitting its own soul to decimate their power. It then sought to imbued their powers into six legendary stones which were hidden away within the Greeo region, a quiet and tranquil land, filled solely by the goodness of peoples hearts and the bonds they shared with the Pokémon living among them. With the new order restored from the chaos Rayquaza ascended to the heavens once more; awaiting the day that evil would cause history to repeat itself.

When these six legendary stones were hidden away parts of Rayquaza's soul joined each one as a seal to protect them from evil. Only the purest of hearts could ever hope to acquire such a treasure, for if one of these stones were to leave its resting place the wielder would gain unfathomable power, for they would act as a vessel to restore Rayquaza's power to its true glory.

The Plot:

After the events that occurred in Urbador City sixteen years ago, the Pokémon League Committee enforced strict rules to beginner trainers - as to keep young children from harms way. Most trainers would start their journey at the age of 10-12, but unluckily for you, you cannot go until you are seventeen.

Since your father left your mother became the only other family member, refusing to tell you who he was or why he left. But with the arrival of your seventeenth birthday; an adventure awaits you.
Your goal: To become the greatest trainer in the Greeo region. To make new friends conquer your fears. To start your own family and fight evil. To find your father and discover the truth.

Main Characters:

He was always very serious and, often, very quiet; disliking all the "silly games" and "mischief" that Tom and Rose caused around the peaceful neighborhood. A boy of solitude - he likes to research and read about strategy and the region's folk-law. Although he attains great pleasure from his reading and research he always envied Tom and Rose for their energy and motivation. He one day hopes to aspire to become the strongest Pokémon Trainer the world has ever seen. He knows the journey will be long and dangerous in some places, but the risks have all been calculated.

She is a very stubborn young girl who can't contain her energy with much ease. She often caused mischief around the neighborhood with Tom, in the meantime trying to encourage Ethan's participation, never understanding his studious attitude. She always marveled at posters put up around the streets; particularly those of famous & fearless Pokémon trainers. She too hopes to become the the worlds strongest Pokémon Trainer but feels impatient to reach the top, waiting was never her best attribute.

A troubled young man who knows not of a normal life. His parents were divorced twelve years ago, resulting in depression for all his family. As he grew up alongside Ethan and Rose he felt that the only way to make life worth living was to be happy and intelligent, studying with Ethan and playing the fool with Rose. Never forgetting what his father taught him he aspires to be just like him and become the champion someday and help those in need.

Team Shadow
A shady crimminal organisation whose intentions aren't quite clear. They are believed to be the culprits behind the sabotage of Urbador City's 'Nuclear Reactor' seventeen years ago.
The Grunts tend to be relatively harmless but can be quite talkative, often speaking of decadence and corruption spreading through the entire region.
The commanders can be quite vicious at times, the two male commanders being arrogant and ruthless. Their strongest commander is rumored to be somewhat of a psychopath; showing no mercy in attacking people with her Pokémon.
As for their leader, no one knows who he/she is, whether there is a group of Leaders or what their intentions are; but the Greeo Police Department believe he is responsible for the design of Urbador City's 'Nuclear Reactor' eighteen years ago. It is often spoken that the Greeo region has grown decadent and corrupt and has been doing so for many years and must be ended by any means necessary.

The Pokémon Hunters
A very well known and feared group of Bounty Hunters who steal Pokémon to sell on the black market. There are said to be 3 active members, each as vicious as the last. It is also rumored that they have a partnership with Team Shadow who act on their behalf and, in return, Team Shadow covers their tracks. They are very aggressive and do not hesitate to act with violence in a difficult situation, no matter who is confronting them, and take Pokémon with a special device that digitizes objects and stores them in a hard-drive known as the 'Oblivion Drive'.

Professor Willow
A Pokémon Researcher from the Greeo Region and one of the most esteemed Pokémon Researchers in the world. She was once described as "Child Genius" by Professor Rowan himself. She is perfectly able to work in all fields of Pokémon study but her more favoured area of study is Pokémon mythology and history. She is well known for her method of thinking, often taking a logical approach to all problems she faces. She also has the task of presenting Starter Pokémon to the first-time trainer. Having learned everything she knows from professor Oak, aiding Professor Rowan's evolution research in the process, she felt the urge to know everything she can about Pokémon as she had always been fascinated by them from a remarkably young age.
She is a excitable young lady and is somewhat of a bookworm, ever enthusiastic about researching ancient myths and legends in her spare time as well as during the day, although her feelings are very fragile she doesn't hesitate to stand up for her friends or scold bad-mannered people. During your travels she will occasionally battle you and ask you if you know about the various stories that have been passed down through the generations of Greeo. Although she shares professor Oak's ambition of collecting data on all Pokémon, she gives you the Pokédex with the hopes that you will collect data on mythological Pokémon, above all else, and return to show her your findings.

The Pokémon Commanders:

The Pokémon Commanders are a group of strong trainers consisting of eight members whose Pokémon skills have achieved extraordinary merit in the eyes of the Greeo League Committee.
Each holds an item known as a 'Crest', an item obtained by challenging each Commander's establishment in different towns/cities across the region. Each crest you gain counts as a symbol of respect to fellow Pokémon trainers and the Pokémon you own, should you earn all eight you will be recognized as a distinguished trainer by the Pokémon League Committee and worthy of taking on the Pokémon Masters: the strongest trainers in the region.


She is a strong spirited trainer who hates people who disrespect others. She is a Normal-type trainer and dislikes Fighting-type users. Pearl holds the 'Clear Crest'.


Samson trains ice type Pokémon. He hates hot weather and finds battling to be rather relaxing. He can be stubborn at times and hates using restoring items on his Pokémon because he believes it to be cheating. Samson holds the 'Snow Crest'.


Burno is both a scientist and a master of Fire-Type Pokémon. After travelling the region, he sought a way to turn his barren, volcanic, hometown into a thriving metropolis. to do this he invented 'Pyro-Electrics by harnessing the geothermal heat of the surrounding magma and turning the heat energy into electricity. Burno holds the 'Pyro Crest'.


Joey grew up Hastoid City, a place rich in extraterrestrial elements. He trains Water-Type Pokémon and is somewhat of a hothead, loving to tinker with a variety of mechanisms and fast cars. Joey holds the 'Hydro Crest'.


In his old age he became very shallow and selfish as a result of his disability to physically train himself and his Pokémon. As a young man he and his Pokémon trained to the extreme. He is a very serious, 'brawn-over-brains' kind of guy who doesn't like practical jokes and hates attacks that don't do physical damage. He considers non-physical attacks to be cowardly. Sylvester holds the 'Rainbow Crest'.


An orphan of Oldoak town. He became fascinated with the various trees found near his hometown and ended up studying the biology of Plants and Pokémon in his youth, thus vowing to become a wielder of grass type Pokémon. He is a very 'clean' individual who is very sensitive about the environment, recycling rubbish and doesn't like littering. After his travels as a young man he returned to Oldoak town to build his future as a Pokémon Commander. Palmo holds the 'Flora Crest'.


She specializes in Psychic-type Pokémon. When she was eight she discovered that she could influences objects. During her voyage across Greeo she sought to uncover the secrets behind the ancient myths surrounding the legendary Pokémon, Groudon and Kyogre. When she arrived at the Pokémon league she failed to surpass the skills of the 4 Pokémon Masters, instead; she found a flat stretch of land on top of a plateau where she built an Establishment where she could better her skills and reward those worthy of the Pokémon they had trained. Angelina holds the 'Vision Crest'.


Kaida specializes in Dragon-type Pokémon and grew up in the quiet location of Celistic town in the Sinnoh region. When her older sister, Cynthia, left on her Pokémon journey Kaida was driven into depression by the other children of the neighbourhood who made fun of her and the Dratini she owned, a Pokémon that didn't blend in with the towns culture. Eventually she ran away from her home on a cargo ship headed for Greeo. In her new home she found trainers and Pokémon who respected one-another and their opponents, it was then she realized not everyone could be harsh and horrible.
When she was eighteen she challenged the Pokémon league and suffered a devastating defeat from the Champion, Ben, who then offered her a placement as Pokémon Commander of Urbador City. The strongest Pokémon Commander. Kaida holds the 'Legendary Crest'.

The Greeo Region and the Starter Pokémon:

The Six Legendary Stones:

The 6 elemental powers that govern the universe also exist inside 6 gems found in the most ancient parts of the Greeo region.
Although not much is known about them through one person's knowledge, as you travel with your Pokémon the secrets of the 6 gems will be revealed as you obtain knowledge of the treasures and the powers themselves...

The Gaia Gem: The ability to shatter many objects blocking the way, but not just boulders...
The Pyro Gem: The ability to burn away objects in your path, but not only to ignite things...
The Hydro Gem: The ability to brave the fiercest tides, but not just to cross the seas...
The Wind Gem: The ability to become temporarily weightless, but not only to move with the air...
The Light Gem: The ability to light the darkest parts of the universe, but its true power will reveal what's inside of us...
The Shadow Gem: Nobody has ever seen it... The fabled gem simply has to be, even though no mortal has ever proven its existence, the theory is that it lurks in the darkness along with its power...



Maruno - Pokémon Essentials

Kyledove - Tiles
BoOmxBiG - Tiles
UltimoSpriter - Tiles
Heavy-Metal-Lover - Tiles

Ankoku Flare - Sounds
Pokefan41 - Sounds
Enterbrain - Sounds
Nintendo - Sounds

(If I have missed anyone off the credits list tell me and I will put your name up on the credits list)






Version 1.9.2: 12th of January 2014

Bug Fix Log:
- Starter Selection Loop (12/01/2014 at 21:06 GMT)
- Demo updated (12/01/2014 at 21:38 GMT)
- Jesus Glitch in Felmore Forest (13/01/2014 at 12:43 GMT)
- Pokémart fixed (13/01/2014 at 12:43 GMT)
- Dark Chasm Entrance Glitch fixed (13/01/2014 at 12:45 GMT)
- Oldoak Gym Tile Error fixed (13/01/2014 at 12:47 GMT)
- Demo Updated (13/01/2014 at 13:57 GMT)
- Demo Updated (09/02/2014 at 13:53 GMT)
- Dark Chasm Exit Glitch Fixed (15/03/2014 at 21:33 GMT)
- Demo Updated (15/03/2014 at 22:01 GMT)
- Demo Updated (22/03/2014 at 12:01 GMT)
- Demo Updated (25/05/2014 at 09:06 GMT)

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