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Kiki got to her feet and looked at him quizically. "My stuff? Why, did someone take it?" she asked simply, looking around for it as if expecting it to jump out at her. And what did her mean by check in? Were they in a hotel? Why was she in a hotel? And when could she check out of it? She had to get to school! That's right! She had to go to that school and show everyone that she was really good! And catch lots of strong and smart pokemon!

"Sorry, I have to get to my school! They're expecting me and I really don't wanna be late!" she said in a typical Johto City Girl accent, smiling widely and petting Cynder... Cynder needed a friend. Where'd that little rattata go? She had to catch it! She turned, losing interest in the conversation, and walked into the tall grass, searching for that rattata when a Starly flew down and blinked at her, the same one from before, though she had forgotten that.

"Oh look Cynder! A Starly! Let's catch it!" she said, hurling a pokeball. The bird opened his wing and smacked the ball, eying her deviously. She caught the ball and put Cynder down. A battle huh? She hadn't used Cynder in a battle yet, but she expected Cynder to do well.

"Tackle!" she called. Cynder gave her a pleading look, but she charged forward. the bird simply let the mouse run into her, chirping happily and batting her with a wing. Not even an attack and Cynder went rolling!

"Quil..." she said weakly, getting up. Kiki blinked a bit, not sure what to do now.
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