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She was making this very difficult. Kiki didn't seem interested in anything but what she was doing right then and there. "Poor girl...maybe one of the teachers can help her..." he thought to himself. Shawn saw her battling a Starly, though it seemed Cynder was a little weak.

As she walked away, he called to her. "Nice to meet you, Kiki...Good luck to you." It hurt to walk away without helping, but she seemed to be focused only on the battle. Zapper seemed hurt, too, but concerned about her, too. Still, there was nothing he could do if she wouldn't want his help...

Shawn continued walking past a lot of the students outside, passing by...was it that white-haired girl from earlier? It looked like her from the back, but she was talking to someone else. He looked and it turned out it was that girl from earlier with the explosion. She was another that refused his help... He shook his head, nodding to them as he walked to town, seeing if anything interesting was happening there.

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