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Originally Posted by Destructor View Post
Username: Destructor
Relation to Canada: I've lived here my whole life in the same silly city.
Favorite Province: Nova Scotia
Reason for Joining: I love Canada <3. I love it far more than the US. I've spent my entire life in Nova Scotia, and as much as I'd kill to move to another province, I do love it here so much. I'd love to be the first person who currently lives in Nova Scotia to be a member here.
Nova Scotia! <3

I love the conveniences of Southern Ontario but I think if I had to pick another province to live in, it would be Nova Scotia. It's just so beautiful. I still really miss it and I moved away over a decade ago.
Originally Posted by LilJz1234 View Post
Nova Scotia, I never been there. I would like to see how it is over there.
Is it mostly nature everywhere?
Because here in Montreal is all buildings, buildings and more buildings. You gotta get out of the city to see some nature! @_@
Well, any city will have lots of buildings but I imagine you don't have to go nearly as far to hit "nature" in NS. Even as the biggest city, Halifax isn't very big. I have fonder memories of Nova Scotia under all weather conditions than any other province so if nature's what you want, you'd probably love it.

Cape Breton is so pretty in autumn when the leaves are changing. *u*