Thread: Gen I & Gen II: Favorite Pokèmon's?
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I have quite a few faves from the old generations too.

Drowzee line: Oh god they were one of my faves from Generation 1 cos of their designs and the whole "Hypno steals children" joke. Also, I think Drowzee looks cute.

Snorlax: He was one of my 1st Gen faves cos he's so bulky and I love his awesome moveset and the hilarious memes of Snorlax "blocking the path". He's such an appealing Pokemon.

Miltank: I think she not only looks cute but she's also a beast.

Pikachu line: One of my fave Electric-type lines ever, and Pikachu is the mascot after all.

Aipom: The reason why she's on this list is solely cos I love monkeys.
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