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Pokemon Red Hack



With each generation of Pokemon games comes an
even greater challenge of capturing each and
every pokemon. Being the OCD type and having
to legitly 100% complete every fun game I come
across I had to put Pokemon down on the second
generation as it became obvious that this was a
near impossible task for, at the time, a young
kid living in the country.

I have played through at least one game from
each generation just to see the improvements and
while there are many, there are none that do what I
want to do. That is, a game in which I can capture
them all. Less than a week ago I had the itch to
return to my favorite from the series Pokemon Red
Version. I had heard of hacks and even found one
of Pokemon White where you can capture all of them
from all generations. Neat! But Red is my
favorite and no matter how much I searched I
couldn't find a generation one red/blue/yellow
hack that had access to capture all 151 Pokemon.

Thus I looked into how I could do so myself.
Despite the lack of well developed tools like
those used for FR/LG there was just enough
information scattered around the web for me to pull
it together and create this rather simple hack.
In the end I wound up changing the game enough
to where you could potentially acquire as many of
each type of pokemon you desired. Obviously
some are much rarer than others but they are all
there. Played it and completed it myself for sure.

Now there is a good chance a rom hack like this
already exists but either way I had lots of fun.

I hope you enjoy playing this hack as much as me!

=====TITLE SCREEN=====
*Title Screen: Added "OCD 151"
Whited out background palette
Whited out 'Red Version' text palette

*Title Screen Pokemon:
1st Pokemon: Ditto
Pokemon Rotation List:
Charizard, Alakazam, Mewtwo, Dragonite, Gengar,
Gyrados, Mew, Blastoise, Golem, Venusaur,
Eevee, Ditto, Aerodactyl, Onix, Marowak
ALSO: Magikarp? Umm idk why. XD

=====Text Changes=====
*New Game Introduction
For some people, Pokemon are pets.
Others use them for fights.
In this version you can obtain multiples of all
151 Pokemon!

*New Name list for your player
*New Name list for rival player

*Bulbasaur : Viridian Forest
*Charmander : 2
*Squirtle : 22
*Sandshrew : 4, 11
*Vulpix: 7, 8, Pokemon Mansion
*Meowth: 5, 6, 7, 8
*Alakazam: Cinnibar Island Trader (1), Route 23
*Machamp: Cinnibar Island Trader (2), Route 23
*Bellsprout: 13, 14, 15, 24, 25
*Gengar: Cinnibar Island Trader (3), Victory Road
*Hitmonlee: Game Corner Reward
*Hitmonchan: Game Corner Reward
*Farfetch'd: 12, 13
*Golem: Route 11 Trader, Route 23
*Lickitung: Safari Zone
*Mr. Mime: 21
*Jynx: 21
*Magmar: 16, 18, Pokemon Mansion
*Pinsir: Safari Zone
*Lapras: 19, 20
*Evee: 5, 11
*Omanyte: Game Corner Reward
*Kabuto: Game Corner Reward
*Aerodactyl: Game Corner Reward
*Snorlax: 9, 23, Victory Road
*Articuno: Unknown Dungeon Main Floor 1F
*Zapdos: Unknown Dungeon Paths Floor 2F
*Moltres: Unknown Dungeon Mewtwo Floor B1F
*Dratini: 19, 20
*Mewtwo: Unknown Dungeon Mewtwo Floor
*Mew: 24

=====Game Corner Rewards=====
*Window 1
ABRA > Omanyte - 2000 Coins
Clefairy > Kabuto - 2000 Coins
Nidorina > Aerodactyl - 3500 Coins

*Window 2
Dratini > Hitmonlee - 5000 Coins
Scyther > Hitmonchan - 5000 Coins

*Window 3
TM23 > Moon Stone 1000 Coins
TM15 > Rare Candy 250 Coins
TM50 > Master Ball 9999 Coins

=====NPC Traders=====
*Route 11 Trader
Your Pokemon: Nidorino > Graveler
Offered Pokemon: Nidorina > Golem
Nickname: TERRY > GOLEM

*Cinnabar Island (1) Trader
Your Pokemon: Raichu > Kadabra
Offered Pokemon: Electrode > Alakazam

*Cinnabar Island (2) Trader
Your Pokemon: Venonat > Machoke
Offered Pokemon: Tangela > Machamp

*Cinnabar Island (3) Trader
Your Pokemon: Ponyta > Haunter
Offerd Pokemon: Seel > Gengar

=====Store Changes=====
*Celadon Dept. 2F(2nd Counter)
Antidote > TM23 2300cr
Burn Heal > TM15 5000cr
Ice Heal > TM50 2000cr

I don't have 15 posts so I'm not allowed to link
external hyperlinked images.
*Title Screen
*Intro 1
*Intro 2
*Game Corner Prizes 1st Counter
*Game Corner Prizes 2nd Counter
*Multiple Legendaries
*Pokedex Test Complete

If this has been done before then all is not lost.
I had fun learning and playing.

Also if any knowledgeable person would know
how to get Pokemon to evolve after trading
to an in game NPC it would be greatly
appreciated. I had a one time success with
the Route 11 trader and I'm not sure why.
I traded my Graveler for his Graveler and mine
successfully evolved into Golem. However,
I was not able to recreate this trade evolution
with any other pokemon or trainers or even
recreate the Golem incident in a New Game.

Pokemon OCD 151 IPS Patch
Pokemon OCD 151 Changes listing
Title Screen Picture
Multiple Legendaries Picture
Pokedex Completion Picture

Thank You,

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