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Originally Posted by Naruto200 View Post
Are You active <_<
If so, do you take requests?

If you do take requests

could you make front/back/field and shiny sprites for this girl

She's for a fan made pokemon that I'm making.

Other than that, great stuff
I kinda wish I could do spriting too, but I can barely manage normal drawing <_<

Also trainer/overworld sprites for the character in my avatar pic.
Um pretty please? :3
I'm sorry, but it has been asked by many people, yet I am only able to do commission. The reason is that if I allow Request, everyone will ask for it without really care about their request. Moreover, I don't really have much time to finish all do to hectic schedule that I have. Thanks for your compliment, though.

I can do sprites which can be public if I feel like it, however.

~ Cheer.
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