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Originally Posted by Zayphora View Post
That was great. I liked your description of N, and of Ghetsis's eye. I always thought he was totally blind in that eye, but that's a much cooler idea.
Well, when you have a chance to throw in a cybernetic eye, always take it. The number of situations that justify it are fairly few, and you have to seize your chances as they come.

Originally Posted by Zayphora View Post
I like Jared more than Lauren, he's just more...relatable. Also, I play Black and B2 so his universe is the one I'm used to.
Yeah? I'm more of a Lauren fan myself, though I know I'm in a minority here. Eh. We'll see how opinion changes when her actual strengths are revealed; we've seen Jared in action so far, but not her.

Originally Posted by Zayphora View Post

What the heck is a Decoyote? That sounds like an epic new Pokemon. :D
In every story that features Puck, there's a hidden running joke about him being chased by Decoyote near Dallas. I envision them as being one of those canine Dark-type species, because those are awesome (I'm looking at you, Umbreon and Absol), and being indigenous to America. I mean, given the difference in species even between Johto and Kanto, there's got to be more Pokémon in the world than we see in the games, especially in different continents. I included them here because all of Harmonia's examples were from 'Pokémon' countries, and I wanted to cement their world and ours together a little more firmly.

Thanks for reading!


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