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Just got through Victory road.
Doing this from memory, so there's a slight risk of error :P

Pkmn Trainer Mei

Kensei[email protected]

Ice Beam - Surf
Megahorn - H.Power (Electric)

Reiki[email protected] Coin

Aura Sphere - Bone Rush
Dragon Pulse - Dark Pulse

Smasher[email protected] Lens

Rosk Slide - Head Smash
Autotomize - Bulldoze

Lumiere[email protected] Claw

Energy Ball - Flamethrower
H.Power (Fighting) - Shadow Ball

NightWing[email protected] (or Flying Gem)

Acrobatics - Bite
Cross Poison - Fly

Sirocco[email protected] Helmet

Dragon Claw - Dig
Strength - Crunch

...Needless to say, I've gotta change some of these movesets at some point :3