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Originally Posted by Pinkish Purple View Post
I'll register here, I have loads to learn about scripting and tiles

Username: Pinkish Purple
Hacking Skills: Mapping, OW Inserting (I only do 16x32!) Belly dancing... wait what?! aaaand abit if banners.
Applying as: Any of the above ^ (Except for belly dancing)
Proof: Errmffff I dun really have much proof of OW inserting or belly dancing... but for the banners, kindly click HERE and scroll down to the 'Userbars' section. But I will most likely do OW Inserting.
Timezone: GMT +8.00
Contact Info (I prefer MSN and PM's): PM/VM (PM if important!!!)

PS: I can also do OW Spriting if you are willing to wait like 1 side a day for 16 days but I have a wide source of Gen 4 OW Resource.

You are accepted as Userbar Maker. Sorry I don't need OW Inserters cause I can do those myself but your userbars are awesome I like them! :D

Originally Posted by atangerine View Post
Username: atangerine

Hacking Skills: Scripter, Mapper

Applying as: Mapper

Proof: PM'd you... because I can't post links yet.

Timezone: EST

Contact Info (I prefer MSN and PM's): Whichever.
Awesome the Maps that you sent me are great you are accepted as well. I'll PM you guys in things to do.