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Aron Ultmos

Aron watched from his spot as the trainer continued walking along the path, oblivious at the task at hand. He hated to do this, but the alternative for his own hard work to be taken away was too great now. Aquos would know how to stay quiet, he was able to learn quickly and that's what Aron liked about him. Still, if he could get the trainer out before he released any pokemon then he could get out one of his competitors without that much of a hassle. He pulled out another pokeball from his waist and continued following, keeping his breathing low and his body not that tense. If he started tensing up then he would end up making mistakes, he just had to remain calm and collected, that was the only way to win at this. He watched the trainer continue on and finally knew the time was at hand. He could only hope that this trainer could understand why he was doing this. It was the only way.

"Aquos! Water Pulse!" He shouted as he threw another pokeball and released Quintus. "Quintus! Thunder Wave!" He shouted as he pointed at the boy.

Once he paralyzed him he could easily get rid of him. Desperate times called for desperate measures.

The Alakazam's eyes glowed as he pointed a hand toward the boy and fired off a Thunder Wave at him as Aquos formed a Water Pulse in between his hands and launched it at the trainer.

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