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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
Route money. I like. For Ghetsis it seems like he'd have started many years earlier, tbh. He does have a pretty big following, afterall. As for Mistralton I kind of doubt that, though, given that Skyla didn't even offer you a flight in B/W!
Arghh I always hit shift when I go to add numbers! Lol, I meant route 4 XD. That's true about Ghetsis, the Plasma cult was probably just below the surface for many many years, but now that I think about it, they must have started publicly trying to get people to join 6 months to 1 year in advance of BW. I mean, everyone seemed to know about them, and this whole new idea of releasing pokemon would've had to be introduced slowly, or none of the mainstream would buy it; they'd just ride Plasma off as a bunch of crazies. Plus, Plasma wouldn't start/be campaigning in a hick town like Accumula. They must have been pretty wide spread to travel from their castle in the (what I'm presuming is North) all the way to the South of a region, in a town that has like 10 people.

Ah, but I never said WHO was giving the flights, now did I? ;) Perhaps Skyla was in charge of air traffic/the air port, and cracked down on the pilot that was giving the rides, but to stop people from asking/stop pilots from giving people rides, so she had to gain a position of power in which she could assert the orders. And that position was as gym leader? Hm, this theory is getting kind of thin... XP
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