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As it turns out, AdvanceMap repoints altered maps to blank space. Me not knowing this before led to the problems you guys have been noticing. Well, I caught onto them and remade the maps in such a manner that allows you to properly patch the GB Player and Extras patches in whatever order you want. I now have checks in the two patches that see if the other patch has been implemented. They change the exact function of the player's room based on what's been patched and what hasn't.

Hey, it's exciting to me! It opens the door for some more interesting things I could possibly do in the future with multiple patches.

And, just so you all know, the Wardrobe patch alone doesn't cause game freezes. If anything, it's because of old save states you're using. If anyone is still having problems with it, feel free to PM me with what emulator you're running, how you're applying the patches, if you're using past saves, and what exact steps you're taking to run into the issue. Thanks!

Also in this update: running indoors. Enjoy the functional update!

GB Player:
  • Shifted the location of the player's room.
  • Implemented a check for the "Help" sign that makes it non-functional if the Extras patch is present.
  • Shifted the location of a few maps; this is just preliminary organization.
  • Implemented a check for the GB Player overworld item that removes it from the game if the GB Player patch isn't present.
  • You can now run indoors, thanks to HackMew's research.
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