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Leilani Estefania Juarez Garcia
Floor 1 - Starter City, Floor 5 - Mount Lost
Level: 6

Leila [Solo-Player]
Level: 6
Health: 100%

Finally back at her loft in Starter City…Leila healed herself, when earlier she was poisoned, and her health was diminishing. It was a matter of time where it was a good time to change to her clothing…her armor clothing.

So, there she was. Coming out of her loft with her armor look…including her red cape where she never wears the hood, and her knee high boots, She took out her teleportation crystal and held it up high. For a few moments, nothing really happened. She wasn’t sure where to go next. Get poisoned once again at Blues Village? Revisit Dysthaven and relive the memories of her brother getting slaughtered and not know whether he survived? Leila finally reached to the point where it was now time for her to visit the level of all levels, Mount Lost.

Ollie said he’d be there, or rather…the majority of the players would be there. Leila hoped that’s true…and she hoped to beat the boss in that floor all by herself, though others would never agree to her views.

“Teleport. Mount Lost.” Leila said to her crystal. Her body glowed white and zapped, indicating the teleportation, she hoped surprises aren’t in the way.

A few moments later, she zapped next to a pterodactyl-like statue nearby a small village. Leila looked up and glanced at it, then turned all around her. It was a lot of people in this floor. A lot enough to be different parties. Roars of monsters were heard everywhere, louder than back at Blues Village. Taking a few steps forward and managing her pace, hopefully a monster wouldn’t spawn around her…more else, around the people around her.

While the time is right, she decided to send a quick message to Ollie, as he said he’d be at the same floor as her as well. Pulling up a COMPOSE window in front of her, she wrote on the field her words.

To: Ollie
From: Leila
Subject: Floor 5

I’m at floor 5, where are you? I’m at the statue with the pterodactyl.

Leila never felt so…dependent of others, she never was in real life.

She walked a few more steps and spotted a lone warrior with dark brown hair and two very different colored eyes. Leila became shy in inquiring information about the floor. She quickly assumed everyone here in this floor would know. As she waited for a minute for Ollie to respond to her message, she decided to head towards the bench and took a seat next to the warrior. Sighing, and starts to preoccupy.
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