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Hello, I am Pinkish Purple and in this tutorial, I will be showing you how to modify your hack so that the player can run indoors. I will be using the hack Pokemon Rose for this demo. Credits go to DoubleDare96 for the tutorial, Bela for allowing me to use his hack for this demo, and HackMew for previously discovering this code.

First, here are the offsets that we will be using later on in the tutorial:

Fire Red

Leaf Green BD468

Ruby E5E00

Sapphire E5E00

Emerald 11A1E8

Let's begin!
Open up the rom with any Hex Editors and locate the Offsets using CTRL+G. Pokemon Rose is a Fire Red hack, so I will use the Fire Red offset.

Now, you see an arrow in the picture above, pointing to the number ''08''. That is the number that disallows the player to run in buildings. So, what we want to do is to delete that ''08'' by changing the value to ''00''.

And νσιℓα~ Works like a charm!

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