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I think they'd go back to the original version. The Dance version was what separated the Contests and Super Contests. While Gen 4's wasn't written off as "advanced" we accepted that. Gen 4's Super Contests was a play on Gen 3's Contests with a different spin on how it should have been conducted. That's how I see it.

And honestly, I just don't want PWT in the remakes. I'd rather that be an exclusive to B2W2 and maybe added to future Generations. None of the past Remakes had anything major from current games added into them from what I remember. FR/LG got the Tower, but that was an end game bonus. HG/SS's Tower was changed into the Frontier just like R/S's Tower was transformed into the Frontier. Really in HG/SS's case it was an update rather than including something new.

New things we got in past remakes were, New Islands and Mini Games as well as Berry Powder for FR/LG and Newer areas, Safari Zone (Which still existed but was said to have moved in the original one. The old one was still there just closed), and Pokethon. HG/SS didn't even get the Sevii Islands which brings to question if they were really Canon or just an addition to the games as added data to fill up the cartridge.

I'm hoping that the Remakes are close to the original Ruby and Sapphire as much as possible with a few tweaks and additions as possible.

Which brings another question...Will they add Cold Rock, Moss Rock, and highly magnetized area to the remakes or go the way of FR/LG and force you to port over to another game to evolve Eevee into Leafeon/Glaceon and Nosepass and Magneton into Probopass and Magnezone since neither of those evolution methods are in the original games, nor are there areas that fit with possible locations.

FR/LG didn't have a proper time system despite having the "Find a Berry on the ground after x amount of time has passed" and the beach combing on First Island. You had those two time based events but you couldn't evolve Eevee into Espeon or Umbreon since there was no Night and Day system. HG/SS locked away evolution methods as well as breeding methods despite the Basic form of the incense babies being in the game. (The incense babies were not part of the Johtodex from what I remember. and Incenses weren't findable until you had beaten the game and attained Rock Climb.)