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Best Rookie Roleplay: The Walking Dead
I must say that I vastly enjoy the Walking Dead as both a television series and a video game. Seeing it now here on PC is just pure happiness to me. Although this isn't the only reason I have elect this roleplay. Unlike other zombie type roleplays there is a very good explanation for how the pokerus could cause a disaster by using a very logical explanation. It evolved! Yes, viruses really do evolve in the real world and can change on a whim as fast or as slow as they want to. Other roleplays that used the pokerus explanation only said that the virus has always been like that, but it was nice to see a clearly thought explanation. It also helps that PPpgggr imposed more rules on the rp to make it much more like a survival rp.

Best Veteran Roleplay: Pokemon Odyssey: A New Beginning
I have to say, that I never expected this RP to last for so long. At the beginning we had a lot of interested players but after a while, like in most rps, players began to drop out and even though there were only a few of us left SV managed to keep it going. He's God like that ;D. Anyway, even though there would be long times when players wouldn't respond SV continued to chug out great post after great post to get the story moving.

Most Original Roleplay: Supervegeta
I must say... after some time and thought, this IS the most creative rp I have ever seen on PC. It is everything a rp SHOULD be: flawless, amazing, superb, and just plain awesome! Why I believe that there are so many rpers on here who have played in Supervegeta, much more even than the PTA! So many have gotten in it and have just had a blast that... well, I don't think words can even describe how I feel about it. No words can! But I can say this, for every rper who is not in Supervegeta, there are two who are!

Member Awards:

Best Rookie Roleplayer:

Most Improved Roleplayer:

Best Game Master: Quto
Quto has been working rather hard to keep Earth and Sky moving along. He has created all sorts of challenges for his players and makes sure that he is always fair to them. He is even working on an app for the rp! That shows dedication. Even though SV may be God, I think Quto has done an astounding job for a still rather fresh GM.

Best Sign-Up Writer:

Most Helpful Player:

Best Roleplayer: WolfofEve
WolfofEve deserves a mention here. The guy makes sure to keep up with his rps. One thing that does stand out about Wolf is his humor. I know I end up chuckling whenever he makes a post in E&S or in the PTA. He tends to include at least one line to grab a chuckle from his audience. His posts also work well with Yellow's, since a majority of the time they are 'involved' with each other in E&S, bow-chicka-bow-wow! posts.