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Originally Posted by Rayquaza. View Post
Currently the starter Pokemon are Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip. The starter choice currently is open to public opinion. The only other set of starters in the game are the Unova starters but there could be any combination within reason.
May I suggest some different pokemon trio instead of fire-water-grass?

(such as flying-ice-fighting)
Also, may I suggest you put more than just 3 pokemon in? You should give a slightly bigger array to choose from. (Such as mine allows you to choose from more than 12 pokemon)

Finally, with the menu I gave you it is possible to move the icon of the current menu selection more to the right changing some of the variables I put up for customization. (I am only saying this as I didn't notice the icon at first until I re-looked at the menu)
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