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I say that anyone who is a democrat or republican, liberal or conservative alike are both crazy.

However, I am quite embarrassed by the republicans, because they don't try to compromise or listen to the other side at all, as far as I've seen. The democrats may have done that too, but at least their views benefit the society rather than the rich few under the guise of supporting the poor (ie trickle-down economics). I don't support them for this reason, if none other.

You can dislike someone, but that can't get in the way of doing what's right. Romney had supported the health care bill, but when he ran for president as a republican, he opposed it. This tells me that you simply disagree with the democrats (or anyone else, it seems) just because they're democrat, or independent, or whatever. This is the only fact I can't stand about the GOP, or whatever it seems to be called.

I can support anyone who supports tolerance.

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