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Quote originally posted by FL .:
The TM/HM file isn't the same that I send you?

How/Why you made the pokemon G5.txt if there are already some?
It wasn't difficult to knock up a new version of tm.txt. At least one version I'd seen had a few errors, so I thought I'd just get the information directly from the Interweb to be sure it was correct. As for pokemon.txt, I've had that for a while, and I adapted it from another existing version (it may have been yours, I don't remember) to remove any errors.

Quote originally posted by IceGod64:
My first guess is the two Gen V Pokémon that are revivable.

Second thing I notice is this textbox:
"\bHowever, what I brought back didn't live long...\1

Thought that only seems to happen if he's reviving an invalid choice, looking at the code.
The inclusion of the Gen 5 Pokémon is just to make it future-proof. It wasn't an Easter egg.

The failure message is one, though. Ordinarily you'd never see it (actually, you can if you give a Gen 5 fossil without having Gen 5 Pokémon defined in pokemon.txt), but it's there for completeness. The message is a reference to Star Trek The Motion Picture, where a similar line is said of a crewman who suffered from a transporter malfunction.

The other Easter egg is the sign outside the lab. What's the reference there?

Quote originally posted by pokefan41:
Thank you so much. You have just made it possible for me to make my own game the way i want with the new tilesets. I cannot say thank you enough. thank you so much.

One question, do we have permission to use your maps in our games?
You can if you like. I made all the maps myself (obviously some are inspired by the official games), so credit is appreciated.