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Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
Guys you do realise that Deathxz copy and pasted Ozzy's SU? He didnt even change the name..
Rapp was so awesome he couldn't resist of course. ;D

Anyhow, I've been way busier than expected since first posting here with countless assignments being set and a severe lack of wifi in the next week or so, so I'm really sorry about the lack of posts guys. If you want to replace Rapp then I understand entirely, I won't mind. :) I do want to be a part of this RP still but time and convenience really aren't helping and with no wifi for the next week or so it's not seeming likely that I'll be able to post any time soon, so you'd probably be better off finding a replacement character whilst the RP's still somewhat young. Sorry again, it was fun whilst it lasted. :)
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