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Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
Welcome to the club synerjee! Hope you'll have fun, and hope to see you stay active in the club ^^ Out of curiousity, what is the exact reason you haven't tried these out yet? I know at least Lapras is pretty hard not to get your hands on in whichever first generation game you go through, but I guess it could be either because you haven't owned the games with the specific Pokemon available yet, don't know where they are, or simply didn't want to try them out at the time. Just asking.
Thanks for the welcome, Olli and Hikari. I'm sure I will. :) Hmm..the reason would be because I've mostly picked water starters in the games that I've played, if not fire starters, so there was no need for another water-type in my team. And if I did pick a fire starter, the ones I have mentioned above weren't in my list of to-get pokemon before. Furthermore, pokemon like Kingdra needs to be traded for it to evolve, and I don't have the trading option available to me at the moment. Does that satisfy your curiousity? xD