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Quote originally posted by Mr. X:
I agree with Freaky on that. Illegals and the deceased are not legitimate voters. However, while the Republicans are saying that those are the 'voters' that they want to get rid of, deep down they know that these legislations would also effect other legitimate voters. The fact that they started punching through this legislation near voting year only proves this point.

I like the ID laws, however the timing for them was very very bad.

Anyway, if anyone wants to get pissed over voter disfranchisement, look at the Puerto Ricans. They are US citizens, however we do not allow them to vote.

And really, really? You think trying to restart the 'Red Scare' will help things? We done did that in the 60's, and we all know how badly that went.

They're not a state. Only states get representation in the United States government. This isn't a democracy.

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