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Caitie is a really cute name. Welcome to the forum, Caitie, it's great to meet you! I'm Cirno. :3

Better late than never! Black/White 2 are really good so I'm glad you're trying 'em out. Admittedly I haven't been spending much time playing my Black 2 though, but regardless they really are great. You've officially reminded me to start playing again. D:

Electric Pokemon fans are always awesome in my book though, they're my favorites too. <3 Seems like you'd fit into Pokemon Clubs pretty well, so why not check that section out if you're interested? Though there's plenty of sections outside the clubs, so hopefully you did some browsing already. PC is a huge forum with lots of discussions and even more people to meet!

Enjoy your stay and do contact me if you need anything at all!
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