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Looks like I'm new here. Pleasure to meet you all~

Well, actually I think I was on here waaaaay back in 2004; I used to do a lot of spriting (mainly old gen revamps and the occasional splice, although I also made custom trainer sprites...which I still make occasionally when I've the time) but I've joined so many forums since then that I'm not entirely sure if it was here or not. Guess it doesn't matter either way if it's been eight years, no?

Either way, I've been in something of a Pokemon mood recently, so I figured I'd sign up and see how things went. I've been a Pokemon fan since the first episode and, whilst I've stopped watching the anime since, I still buy the games...or get someone else to buy them for me as the case may be, ahahaha.

So, I guess I'll see you around on the forums~
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