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BURST Rogue of the Shadows

Was this girl trying to push him around? Who knows, but Dusk didn't seem to care all that much right now. He just gave a slight sigh and agreed silently, following her outside. He showed a complete lack of interest in her speech, and simply walked ahead outside. At least, for the most part, it didn't look like anyone was around. How annoying it would be to cause a scene. He pulled out Hige's BURST Heart, removed the black glove from his right hand, and placed the gem over his palm. It was slightly cool to the touch and relaxed him quickly. Pulling his glove back on he placed the gem between his palms and directly in front of his chest, namely at his heart.

Just like before, He began a roaring shout as he fused with the Poochyena, gaining many of the features, like yellow scleras (White of the Eye) and red irises, though his left eye was still highly dilated, making it look like a much darker red. His skin was soon gray/black and he gained a tail and some ears, his hair turning a dark grayish-black. His clothes were still intact, and his nails were now claws. He turned to the girl and stared, expecting a response. Of course, his stare was definitely levels more intimidating now.

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