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Back when I was in 8th Grade, when my school district received a major technology upgrade as part of a bond issue passed two years earlier, I was in a computer class, where I learned about Microsoft Office applications and keyboarding skills. In that class one day, the teacher called me up to review my progress, and I saw her scrolling using the scroll arrow buttons, which she gave a feeling of it being too slow. I then told her about the scroll wheel in the center of the mouse, and showed her how to use it. She was amazed to find out that the center button/wheel even had a purpose in the first place!

A few years later, in 11th Grade, when I was attending my regional vocational center, I took a class there which was supposed to be about computer network security. In this class, instead, the students were being taught the basics of Windows, including window controls, commands, and also basic hardware concepts (such as hard drives, optical and floppy drives, motherboards, processors, RAM, and expansion cards) for much of the school year. At one point, the teacher had said that I knew more than he did!
Sad to say, the class never really got into computer network security. Worse, the vocational center was (and still is) run by a big-city school district (Flint Community Schools) constantly plagued with financial, safety, and student achievement problems. (When my dad attended that center back in its early years, he took carpentry, and things were so problematic (even the teacher), that he eventually told me that he ended up teaching the class, as he had learned basic carpentry and building trade skills from his dad.)
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