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Originally Posted by synerjee View Post
Thanks for the welcome, krazzikk. :D And yes, you may call me that. Oh, and it's not 'amanada' - lose the 'a' there LOL. xD

Kingdra being a strong pokemon, that's just what I'm perceiving. Judging from its stats, it sure is very all-rounded. All-rounded pokemon are awesome. And it's part-dragon type! So that leaves it with only ONE weakness - the dragon-type itself. And I think its moveset is not bad as well. :D

You should give it a try - it might be very worth it! Get back to me when it's a full-grown Kingdra!

Oh, and can I enter the drawing contest? :3 I can't draw well - I'm not an artist. But I would love to give it a try. :3
Of course you can join the drawing contest! :D
I'm not sure anyone will even participate besides you

I'll try it then~! It seems to have a decent moveset, and it has decent stats, but I never really know how good a pokemon is until I actually use it.