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I remember getting Blue version for Christmas the year Pokemon came out, I remember watching the episode Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon on TV, and I remember buying a Jungle set Oddish card from a flea market vendor. Put it all together and you have a fan. Now, what made me become a fan to this day...?

I just loved the idea of catching my own little monsters and having endless possibilities with team building. It's a game I could always beat, if I raised my team high enough. It's a game where I could connect with my twin brother via trading. It's a game I could play using some buttons and on the go, so I took my Gameboy Color everywhere. I played Pokemon Blue to death. It's very likely Pokemon is the reason why I started making friends by 2nd grade. In those days, most kids loved Pokemon. We all wanted to watch the Mewtwo movie in class... The teachers didn't understand the Pokemon craze. My 3rd grade teacher actually took away my Pokemon figurines because several of us were playing with 'em in class. That didn't stop me. I had to get them back. I held B button cuz I had to go fast.
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