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Genevieve L’esprit & Sovereign
(Joint Post)
Sovereign stood outside the infirmary, eyes to the floor, swimming in endless despair. He was not unfamiliar with this feeling, and it was one he dreaded. All he could do was count the cracks in the ground as he waited for Vera. For all the luxury Silver City could afford, Ancients were clearly not very good at house keeping.

Genevieve sighed as her mind struggled for clarity. The infirmary bustled with life as the noises passed by the outside of her private room where she sat on the ledge of the window. Pokemon came and went from her view, all taking part in their endlessly trivial lives. It was interesting from that vantage point, almost like Arceus looking down upon a Durant. Things were clearer from afar, they always were. It was when you got close and right down into things that the clarity disappeared. She hadn’t felt quite the same since the last two battles. Still herself, but maybe a tinge of doubt in her mind about her abilities. She knew that probably very few could match her in a metaphysical sense, but these fights...She ran her hand against the bandaged section of her torso. Those should be for the brutes.

Genevieve shook the thought from her mind, self doubt wouldn’t do anybody any good and it was taxing her even to experiment with these feelings. The thoughts were locked away just as quickly as they had come. It wasn’t becoming upon her anyway. She left her ledge and walked back into the infirmary, the other Pokemon, her prior attendant in particular, casting her wary looks. Ignoring them, she left the infirmary and headed back out towards the main hall.

It was then that she cursed to herself when she spotted Sovereign. She had hoped to remove the bandages before the other Sentinels could have seen them. That was just one of the reasons she wanted to travel alone. The other, well that was to try and speak with somebody in private, somebody she needed to influence. Genevieve put on her best fake smile and walked up to the hulking mountain of a Pokemon. He stood with his eyes plastered to the floor, an almost uncharacteristic look about him.

“My dear,” Genevieve called out to him. “I thought you might have left with the others. Why that look of consternation on that handsomely chiseled face of yours?” She reached out her hand to stroke it across his face. Such a useful creature to have around, yet that imperviousness to her psychic powers always gave her pause in his presence.

Sovereign's eyes darted up, revealing a deep red glow. "Sorry sweetheart, Sovereign ain't in right now." He quickly reached out and grabbed her by the throat, squeezing just hard enough so she could breath, but not talk.

Genevieve’s eyes went wide at the unexpected turn of events. Something wasn’t right here. She clawed at his hands with her own, she resisted using her powers for right now, since she could still breath.

"Heheheheh. I gotta say, you're quite the looker." Sovereign's voice was filled with a twisted humor that was unnatural for him, and the smile on his face was beyond unsettling. "You've got quite a talent there. The way you string this big lug around is very impressive. I just ain't got the heart to tell him you'll never really love him back." He pulled her close, so that he could smell her like a stray Houndor at a meal it scrounged off the ground.

"Under different circumstances I could have shown you a good time doll face. But given the circumstances, I'll have to make this quick..."

Suddenly, Sovereign's grip loosened, dropping Genevieve. The glow emanating from his eyes was now yellow. "Hmm. I'll have to punish Varren for that later." His voice was now much more sophisticated, and brought with it a level of comfort to the air.

Genevieve looked up at her assailant from the ground, her initial shock now over, she masked her feelings with an unreadable face. Just what the hell was going on here? From all the time she had known Sovereign, never once had he laid an unwelcome finger on her. The initial voice had been moved out of the way by this new one. She rose to her feet and dusted off her bottom with a quick stroke, her air of dignity and calm restored.

“Explain to me the meaning of this!” She barked with a little less decorum than she usually maintained. Her hands began to glow faint green, the beginning of the only attack she knew that would be truly effective against Sovereign, Energy Ball.

"You can put that away. There is no need to be uncivil. Varren can't hurt you as long as I am in control." Sovereign briefly paused, staring at the green glow, and smiled as a father would. "I need your help I'm afraid. I may not like the things you've been doing to my son, but I cannot allow her to know that I am this deep into Sovereign's psyche."

He then took a step closer, his gaze piercing with the aura of a man who could destroy the very building they stood in, but chose not to. "Vera is becoming quite the obstacle. I need you to use your... talents, to split them up."

“I do not take orders from you,” Genevieve stared down the unknown voice unafraid. She abhorred being instructed to do something by others besides Auron. “I will maintain this attack on standby until I am assured of my situation and not a moment sooner.” Genevieve stepped casually to the side of Sovereign’s body. It was in fact his body, but it didn’t seem to be his mind. “I’m afraid,” she paused and looked him up and down. “I don’t know to what you’re referring when you mention the things I’ve been doing to Sovereign. I can assure, whoever you are, that I have done nothing to the brute,” She lied.

“Now what is this? I’m not helping you do a thing until I get an explanation.”

The smile disappeared from Sovereign's face and was replaced with a look of sheer displeasure. His words now became distorted, their tones abstract, "I owe you no explanation! You can do as I've said, or I can call Varren back out here! Believe me when I say that you don't want to go that route, he has been cooped up for a very long time, and I can only guess at what he may do to you."

Almost all at once, it came to an end. The infirmary door opened, revealing a now mended Vera. Sovereign turned to look at her, his eyes back to their original white and black. "Let's go Vera, the others are waiting for us," he said. As if nothing had happened, he walked away, completely ignorant of what had just happened.

Before Genevieve could respond with whatever mixed rage she had stifled below the surface, Vera appeared from the infirmary. She watched Sovereign and Vera go their own way, he looked as if nothing had just transpired not even two seconds earlier. Genevieve had never seen something like this, a mind split not just two, but three ways. Who were these others living inside Sovereign's brain? She hadn’t even thought one semi-intelligent life form occupied a space up there, but now three?

What did that one have against Vera? Granted, Genevieve found her a nuisance and had thought of disposing of her at her earliest convenience, but she wouldn’t do something just because this “other Sovereign” said so. Why didn’t he remember what happened? He just sauntered off with his pet like normal.

She would have to keep an eye on him, Sovereign was no longer to be trusted. When a beast is no longer trusted to be safe around others, it is best served to be put down.