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Hey guys, this issue happened on the last few weeks and it's one of the first times I have NO IDEA on what's going on and how to fix. As the title says, trainer BGM isn't working nad I've already narrowed down the problem, but still can't find a solution. Here is what I know:

-It has nothing to do with scripts, I tried using the default Essentials script files and it still doesn't work (I never made changes to any audio related script...).

-It has nothing to do with the mp3 file.

-When I do a DEBUG trainer battle THE BGM PLAYS.

-In Gym/Rival battles IT WORKS (can this be related to pbtrainerend or pbnoticeplayer etc??).

-Wild battles are fine.

-Cries, menu sounds... everything else plays just fine, it's just the bgm that has problems.

Don't come suggesting workaround please, I need solutions =/. BTW, I get no error windows...
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