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Right so I've been working on it for some time now and I've finally updated many things. Firstly I've sorted out the legendary locations since it kinda slipped my mind and I've added their locations to the Document, I've also edited the Evolutions and listed the new ways of obtaining them. I have changed Olivine City Mart to sell all of the evolutionary stones, Moon, Sun, Fire, Leaf, Thunder & Water and I have changed the in-game trades to Pokémon that aren't obtainable in the early stages or are difficult to capture. Also added a few images and everything that I've listed above is in full detail in the documents.

Originally Posted by Luigi-San View Post
Awesome! Seeing that Generation II is my favorite, I'm definitely going to give this a whirl! I just have a few questions/notes, though:
  • The General Changes document mentions evolutionary changes, yet none are listed.
  • The Location Additions list includes Routes 47 and 48, which weren't introduced until HG/SS. Are they actually in the game?
  • The Location Additions list doesn't list the locations of Celebi or any of the Kanto legendaries.
  • IMO, the Gym Leader/E4 rosters document should also include your rival and Red.
Thanks for pointing these out, I've sorted most of them out; I wanted to keep Red's team a surprise since I have kinda changed it up a bit and I wanted to keep the Rival's team out of the list to maintain neatness really.

Originally Posted by TrollShammy80 View Post

(here ya go if ya don't mind me putting up videos for it :)
Thanks! Nice to see you doing a walk through of it. I'd just recommend embedding the video rather than posting the link by using [YOUTUBE] tags.

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