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This doesn't belong here but I'll answer your questions before I lock it.

Originally Posted by PiemanFiddy View Post
1. Do the natures of the Parent Pokemon affect the Nature of the baby?
Only if either one is holding an Everstone.

2. What is the percentage of a 1/25 chance, let alone a 5/25 chance?
1 divided by 25 is .04, or a 4% chance. 5 divided by 25 is .2, or a 20% chance.

3. Will Soft-Resetting change the Nature/IV's of the baby pokemon prior to hatching; similar to the Honey Tree trick?
No. The IVs and nature are set once you receive the egg, not once it hatches.

4. Is it even POSSIBLE for a Happiny/Chansey to have a Bold Nature?

?. Judging how many Chansey's I've hatched, each having a 1/25 chance of having a Bold Nature.. what would my percentage of getting a Bold be in relation to the chances of a Shiny Pokemon?
Your percentage of getting a Bold nature is 1/25 for each egg regardless of the other eggs that have already hatched. Your chance of getting a shiny is 1/8192, or 0.012%. Fun fact though: you would have to hatch around 220 eggs before the chances of them all being non-Bold natured matches the chances of getting a shiny.

Edit: I'm not sure I answered your actual question here. Shiny is .012% chance, Bold is 4% chance. Bold is about 333 times more likely to occur than shiny.

You can look at Bulbapedia for more answers on this, or post in the quick questions thread for the game you're playing, or PM me. Good luck!

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