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can I have a Pokepuff?
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I love this idea, and also enjoyed reading everyone else's opinions and ideas. I may end up writing my own fan-adventure following my own - which would be:

I would begin my journey in Sinnoh (I have been watching lots of episodes from Diamond and Pearl to give me lots of ideas - and I plan on buying Pokemon Pearl next for Glameow).

I would make myself be born in Mandarin Island from the Orange Archipelago (it is my favorite region in the anime, just which there was a game made from the archipelago).

In my planned mind, only Pokemon that are based on real life egg (birds, lizards, fish) laying will come from eggs, my partner would be a mammal so no egg. My travelling Pokemon would be Meowth and it won't travel in a Pokeball at all.

If its a male I would name him Ch'marr and if its a female, I would name her Xandra. When I do start, I might uploaded to my DeviantArt page.
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