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Of course! Bri is Brain Jameson, an eleven year old boy with very little background as a trainer. In fact, he's only ever won one battle in his life. Kiki on the other hand, is a spacey girl with a very extensive history as a trainer. She might be a better choice, however, as her pokemon are weak. She is with her friends Shawn and Alex heading toward the beach with the intent of catch some water pokemon. Brian is with his friend Ciel, and they're both lost in the woods near the mountains.

Also, you can't control the other characters at all, unless the RPer controlling them says so. That's one of the main rules here. And of course, I'll keep an eye on your post if you want. Just make sure they have at least four lines of length. That's he minimum I've been using and I've never been yelled at. You don't want to make the posts too short. You also want to use good grammar and spelling. And most importantly have fun.
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