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On the more specific issue of the opening post, may I mention that if you are using Quick Attack to move around very quickly from one place to another rather than ramming at the opponent, then you may be essentially using Agility.

Moves can be used in an incredible variety of ways, which I've learn while writing fic and posting in a Pokémon RP. The anime and manga(s?) give a lot of leeway as well in that respect. A Pokémon could very well use Brick Break on the ground right before him to try and halt an impending opponent Rollout. A small flying Pokémon might want to use something like Energy Ball or Water Pulse to shield themselve from frontal attacks, like in some shooter videogames where you can charge shields. Another Pokémon could use Strength to toss a large boulder up, allowing another Pokémon to use it as a stepping stone to reach a flying opponent. And these are only random examples I've pulled off sometimes.

Even if with that you thought you have run out of material, which is quite improbable, then you still don't need to create your own attacks in order to bring something new to the fray. The other canons such as Trading Card Game and Ranger do offer new interpretations and new moves, all of them canon. Then there's also PMD "skills" and perhaps who knows what else that I might be missing.

Bottom line, however is that yes, you can make up your own attacks, there's mostly nothing saying you can't. (Try for them to be balanced though!) However as everyone before me has commented, you won't need to do it for the use case you describe. It's not like you're adscribing overly strongly to game canon with battle turns and perhaps who knows what.
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