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Elise Vivian Molyneux

Level 11
Elise shuddered upon the impact of the Goblin’s pickaxe coming down with ferocious force on her shield. Her virtual muscles strained under the collision, her brain a whole other world away coordinating their actions and reactions. Elise couldn’t help but smile. Here she was, in an almost pitch black cave, nothing but fluorescent crystals in the ceiling and the Goblin’s fire to guide her, a horde of enemies ready to ruthlessly cut her down where she stood and end this life; yet, she couldn’t help but smile. This was living, not laying on a bed being attended to by your doting mother who asked you if you were okay every ten minutes. Her sword, her shield and her legs. This was all that Elise had right now and it was all that she needed.

She spied Krissu materialize from the shadows, her stealth skill dissipating. Elise had a hard time spying her through her own preoccupation with the enemy, but Krissu seemed to be holding her own. She couldn’t help but be jealous of her stealth skill at this time, if she had a decent enough one herself, they probably could have avoided this fight altogether. Yet, here they were. Krissu dispatched one foe as the fragments of data illuminated the cave for a split second. Elise turned to her own and with a quick vertical slash, drained the health bar of the enemy she had initially hit with her shield. Another burst of data, another split second of white light that cast ghastly shadows of those in the cave.

Her distraction from checking on Krissu cost her, another Goblin lunged from behind and raked her with its weapon across the small of her back. Elise turned, one leg tucked up against her bottom, almost like the pirouette of a ballerina, and deflected the pickaxe before it could do more damage while also bringing up her shield beneath its chin causing the Goblin to stumble back into one of its own. Two down, one dispatched each by Krissu and Elise respectively, three to go. She readied another sword art, one of her mid range abilities she had recently picked up. [Guardian’s Wish] Her shield glowed a faint pale blue, her legs propelled her forward, sword held out in front of her to pierce. It almost resembled that of an ancient knight on horseback with a shield and lance, minus the horse of course.

She made contact with the Goblin on the far left; her shield throwing it straight up in the air and its body crashing into the ceiling of the cave, shaking loose debris before falling to the ground in an eruption of data. Three down. The other Goblins took advantage of her preoccupation with their now fallen comrade, they lunged and struck her simultaneously on the slightly weaker armor of her shoulders. Elise quickly cast a glance at her health bar to discover it was now about half way drained. She took in the whereabouts of Krissu and with a kick that took more effort than she hoped, pushed one of the Goblins stumbling in her direction. Hopefully if they split these up it would be over much quicker.

“Heads up Krissu! Got an ugly one headed your way!” Elise shouted to her as she turned to face down her final opponent. A vaincre sans péril, on triomphe sans gloire.
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