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Hey guys, here's my Character Sheet. I've been putting this off for a while, but since I've submitted the IC thread, I decided to get this done ASAP.

Here's my sheet, guys. I've been putting it off, but since the IC thread will be up sometime soon, I decided to go ahead and start it.

Name:Eric Khore


Gender: M

Appearance(Picture can be provided in its place): Eric wears black pants, a red shirt, and a red jacket. On his back, he keeps a dark brown, worn-out backpack that appears to be much older than the apocalypse itself, a single strap falling across his shoulder connecting the pokeball shaped bag to his chest. He has dull grey hair and firey red eyes. His skin is a rosey white. At his hip, he keeps a baseball bat fastened on by a grey belt with a darker grey buckle.

Personality: Ethan is very hot-headed and irritable. When it comes to survival, he only cares about himself and his pokemon, and if he feels you're going to get in his way, he'll burn you to a crisp. Making an alliance with him is EXTREMELY risky because chances are, he'll betray you when it is no longer beneficial to him. If you so much as touch his bag, he'll kill you on the spot.
He’s also incredibly rash, often-times doing incredibly dangerous and stupid things if he sees a prize at the other side. Oftentimes, this gets him swarmed by the infected.

Eric was born on Cinnabar Island several years before Red had defeated Team Rocket and conquered the Pokemon League. Growing up on the small island, a great deal of his life encompassed Blaine and his Gym. Being the only experienced trainer on the island, he was the one to distribute pokemon to the new trainers on the island. When he reached the age of 10, he was given a female Growlithe and as opposed to challenging the pokemon league, he chose to train under Blaine in his gym in order to stay apart of the community and take care of his family. When he was fifteen, Red came and challenged the gym, and he, among many other trainers, battled him and lost, paving the way for him to challenge Blaine. When he later heard that the kid had beaten the League, it fueled him to train harder. By the time he was 20, he had acquired many powerful fire-type pokemon, his favorite of the group being his Growlithe, who had by then, evolved into an Arcanine. When the virus hit, it was just before Blaine was about to step down and hand the title of gym-leader to him. Seeing the danger, Blaine changed his mind and Eric was sent to the front lines of warding off the infection on the island. In order to ensure the island was armed, Eric distributed pokemon to several of the islanders to help them ward off any infection that may have made it over the ocean.

Eric still held a certain resentment towards Blaine after the danger had passed. Once the old man had changed his mind, after all of his hard work, it destroyed him. Not long after the island was secured, Eric had a falling out with Blaine and the other islanders and left, catching a ride with another trainer and his Lapras. He reached the mainland through the port of Vermilion, where he was quickly swarmed, most of his pokemon had died, and his Arcanine was infected. Just before the pokemon turned, however, it laid an egg and left it in its trainer's care. Caring a great deal for his friend, he carried the egg with him in his pack in the hopes of it hatching. After Arcanine died, only one pokemon was left: A Rapidash.

He blamed the death of his friends on Blaine and his stubbornness, and with that in mind, he slowly began to descend into an introverted rage and hatred. With his new identity, he left Vermilion and headed off into the world....

Moves(6 Max):Flamethrower, Fire Charge, Quick Attack, Blast Burn, Smokescreen

Opening Post(8-10 lines minimum):
The sound of clamping hooves filled the night as a cool burst of air buffeted Eric and his Rapidash continuously. He was riding on the back of the pokemon, his chest pressed against its neck as the two of them galloped down Route 11 and towards the Eastern Coast of Kanto. Because he was a good distance away from the city, he made very little effort to keep quiet or stay stealthy. Whenever they came across a stray Walker, he would simply guide his Rapidash up to its side and as they rocketed past, he’d bash open its brains with his baseball bat. If it was a pokemon walker, he’d simply have Rapidash preform a fire charge directly into it, running it over.

After several hours, he eventually hit the edge of the route and where the massive wooden boardwalk used to be. Bits of soaked wood were scattered about the coastline, and jutting out of the water, massive wooden stakes could be seen. Slowing Rapidash to a trot, they made their way to the beach and began to set up camp. It was dark now and the side-route to Lavender was highly dangerous.

Gathering some of the wood scattered about the beach, Eric instructed Rapidash to light it and sat down by the fire. Openning his bag, he pulled out a large pokemon egg and covered it slightly in the sand close to the fire in order to keep it warm. Under where the egg had been in his bag, Ethan pulled out a small piece of meat wrapped up within some old newspapers. Earlier that day, he had found a living Ratatta and killed it.

Impaling the meat on a sharp stick, he held it over the fire, watching as the pink meat slowly turned to a succulent brown. After it was finished, he ate a fourth of it and stored it back in his bag for the morning. Then, from his bag, he pulled out his last can of pokemon food and opened it, placing it down in front of his Rapidash.

“We’re running low on food….After we hit Lavander, we may need to head west towards Saffron….Hopefully the rumors about pokemon immune to the disease living in Lavander are true….

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