Thread: Weekly Poll: Sawk VS (Emboar) (NU Matchup #1)
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Ok so i'm voted for Emboar cuz, hes a fire boar and thats + 100 pts.

He was my sole unova starter in both versions and was very effective in-story. Sawk may be a bit better than emboar overall competitively but emboar has better coverage and flame charge boosting speed at will.

Design wise Emboar beats sawk. Cuz even tho I(admitedly) didnt like emboar's design at first, he grew on me quickly and I came to love 'em. Sawk on the other hand...just looks weird to me..and kinda creepy.

in Sawk vs Emboar i dont believe sawk cant 1HKO Emboar with anything so round 1: Sawk uses close combat, emboar uses flame charge. 2: Emboar outspeeds and kos with flare blitz and faints from recoil...yup

Anyway, Emboar is the winner in my book.
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