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I honestly really don't know. I think maybe because my friends in Kindigarden liked it and that got me into it. I really have no idea. I don't even remember what made me like pokemon. I just liked it and I got my first pokemon game,which was blue at a yardsale with a Gameboy in like 2000. I do remember seeing the pokemon the first movie commercial when I was really young and I liked it before then. So I really don't know. I like the games because they are fun. I really don't even remember the first episode of pokemon I seen. Maybe the 2nd. I think what got me real likeing it was when Pikachu was hurt and Ash stood his ground aginst all those sparrow and Pikachu flew over his back and used thudershock to save Ash. I think that moment is what got me liking it the most. Just thinking about the moment gives me goosebumps and that song that was playing when it happened.

Anyone happen to know the name of the song in that part? When Pikachu save Ash from the Sparrow?
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