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Endomorpheus Exoletaar
A Tavern

“It’s dangerous to fight him alone… Take this”

Endo looked up to see the wolf’s head pressed against his. A calm and soothing feeling spread through his body. For a faint second, he thought that he could hear the furious screech of something deep within his mind. But it seemed to be gone after a second. It was probably Exo getting bound by the power of the Triforce, which had now been re-granted to Endo. The Hylian removed the hand from his eye which had now returned to its original color. He felt much better now, as if the heavens themselves had opened up and revitalized him to the fullest. With his piece of the Triforce back, Endo stood up from the floor and looked towards the others. He could see them clearly now. One has a humanoid shape; however she bore more resemblance to a bird than anything else, regarding her appearance. The next one was a giant, hulking machine-like guy on two legs. Endo had never seen anything quite like it, it was pretty terrifying. The last one was a girl, she didn’t seem to be of some other kind of species like a bird-thing or a machine, but maybe she was some kind of shape-shifter that could become a blade wielding mantis if you looked away for one second… He deduced that he had to be careful around all of these people.

The wolf then decided to give them some answers. She revealed that she in fact was Princess Zelda of all people! This was starting to get a bit too sketchy for Endo, was he sure that this was really happening? Maybe it was all just a weird dream he was having, something induced by Exo just because that bastard wanted to mess with his mind a bit? Oh man! Now he trailed off again, stupid brain! When he returned to reality, Endo managed to catch that Zelda was now called Rei and that things had gotten f*cked up by this evil Vaati-guy who could now warp between dimensions? That certainly wasn’t good. To be honest, it sucked pretty hard actually. Well, at least it provided him with an answer to why he was here.

Rei howled a melody which she stated would give back the Triforce to everyone in the room. Of course it didn’t return Endo’s piece as that one had already found its original owner. But that didn’t stop the young Hylian from enjoying the song. It was nice and soothing and it brought a nice warm feeling over him. The wolf now returned to her regular appearance, which was much less… eerie to look at according to Endo. She had very pretty eyes, he noted.

The wolf-princess proclaimed that they all had to work together in order to save the royalty of their respective dimensions and return to their own dimensions. This got Endo a bit excited, think about it, what was more fun than an adventure in a completely different dimension with a lot of travel-companions? To the young Hylian, there wasn’t much to fit this description. Rei also stated that she would use everything in her power to help them, but not before collapsing on the tavern’s counter.

Then the bird-like girl spoke up, she wondered how exactly they were going to do this. The other girl added that they’d probably perish in this place.

“Well, I wouldn’t argue with her on that. At least it means that I’ll get your body, it’s a win-win-situation! Especially for me.” Exo chuckled.

“Oh just shut up.” Endo whispered to the Stalfos.

Then, he could feel something quietly moving around inside of his cap. What in the world could that be? Burkle! Endo had completely forgotten about the Occo Jr. The Hylian immediately took off his cap to see a confused and dazed little head with wings flutter out of it and look around to see where the hell he actually was. After stabilizing his condition, Burkle observed that he was inside a house of sorts, a little unsettling, he thought but not too bad. Then he turned to find a girl standing in the house. Okay? That was also a bit strange, but nothing to be scared of, right? Then he noticed another girl, however this one was covered in feathers and had a beak. Even though she was something bird-like - much like him – he still felt the need to be cautious. But nothing dangerous. Then there was a wolf, Burkle gulped, wolves weren’t really known for being nice and friendly to birds, they were more likely to eat them. But as long as he was with Endo, things were going to be fine. Burkle then noticed that Endo’s weapons were gone… Well… that wasn’t good. He might have a chance though? The wolf looked tired after all.

Then he spotted the hulking beast made of metal.

The Occo Jr. – with lack of a better word – completely flipped his sh*t at this point. With a loud scream of fear, the human-like head with wings fluttered as fast as he could in the other direction, not regarding exactly what he flew into. The Occo Jr. quickly crashed into a wall, but decided to shake it off and continue somewhere else. Endo had at this point realized what danger Burkle currently posed to himself, so he decided to run after the panicking creature. Burkle zipped across the room, nearly hitting the two girls in the tavern a few times. After doing this for a while, he accidentally ended up in front of the very thing he set out to avoid, the giant machine-dude. The Occo Jr. stopped right in front of it, and when he realized where he was, the poor little bird-thing just sunk to the ground, seemingly without energy. Endo tip-toed up to the machine, picked up Burkle, and slowly started to back off while the word “Sorry” came out of his mouth.
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