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Welcome new members! I'll get around to adding you to the list soon! Sorry for the inactivity!

Firstly Sandshrew you in no need to be pro to join this club haha. Just playing/learning an instrument is MORE than enough to qualify to be a member, you dont even need to ask permission.

Kurui, again wonderful stuff from you, it's always fantastic to see people getting their music out there and being recognised! Recognize. You seem to win so many awards :O.

< Another person who can't really learn songs by ear, I feel your pain bro beans, feel it deeply.

Sorry Kroso but I don't think Ill be able to join you, maybe some other people will be up for it!

edit: I just went through the whole thread and put everyones contributions on the front page for people to see easily! Please tell me if a link doesnt work so I can fix or remove it!

New topicccc!
Have you ever made an original song? If so have you recorded it and can we listen to it PLEASEEEEEEE. If not do you plan/want to?